Is it a beach bag, or is it a straw hat? No, the summer-essential you need this year might be something you won’t predict… It’s something sheer!

Before you gasp in horror and click away, something sheer does not always mean exposing your body! When done right, sheer can be super tasteful and glamorous. Let us show you how.

When we say sheer, you might picture Megan Fox at this year’s VMA’s whose ‘naked dress’ left little to the imagination, Kate Moss in the 90’s or that iconic bejewelled catsuit Britney Spears wore in her ‘Toxic’ music video.

But sheer doesn’t have to be scandalous – in fact, it can actually achieve the opposite effect. With the correct undergarments, you will look tasteful yet daring! It can even be used for the opposite reason, to show less skin. For example, styling a mesh top underneath a sleeveless dress can create a more modest effect – not to mention completely transforming the dress for a totally different look!

Try pairing our ‘Chloe Mesh Top’ with our ‘Long Slip Dress’ or any sleeveless dress in your wardrobe!

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Now that we know the power layering holds on making any plain outfit look at least ten times more fashionable. You might be wondering how to achieve this effect in the heat of summer. We couldn’t think of anything worse than suffocating under multiple layers during these hot, humid days! But here lies the solution: Replace that thick undershirt with a mesh layer, instead, to provide a stylish layered look with the light, breezy coolness you need.

Have some fun experimenting with mesh. Play with layering different colours and texture combinations to see what unique looks you create! 

Now you know all about this summer’s essential fashion piece and can layer until your heart’s content!

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