I have been styling clients for a variety of events as well as updating their existing closets for the last 16 years now, led by one goal-to help them see what they often overlook and to support them stepping outside their comfort zone when trying something different now and then.
Being a genuine rule breaker myself and applying it during the styling process is probably one and the main reason why our styling services are boasting longevity and becoming more sought after in recent years…

As fashion trends continuously change with most of them claiming to make us look younger, sometimes it is really hard to keep up with what really compliments our figure and serves our lifestyle at the same time. Here are some fashion looks that if taken impulsively could make us look older than we actually are.

  1. Super long hair – Super long hair has an aging effect. It is a very rare case to spot a lady over 45 with super healthy, amazing locks that rocks it regardless of all the odds. But most of us (due to various reasons throughout the years ) have lost our hair volume and luster. Having an honest, skilled hairdresser is key here- Hallelujah! On the opposite perspective please, DO NOT go and cut your hair short straight after you get married…(it seems like you have given up on trying as you have already found ‘The One’ and there is no point in trying any longer-big mistake!)

2. Matching lipstick to your outfit – I have to admit here, I am one of those sinners, but trust me, I am working on it continuously as I am perfectly aware that matching everything is actually so ‘last season’.

3. Jeggings – Yes, we know they are super comfortable and when styled appropriately they can be trendy. The secret here is to play with the proportions (please, if you love your jeggings so much, do not wear a figure-hugging top under any circumstance -thank you!).

4. Too much fake tan – Tan makes any outfit look better and covers multiple skin color and texture imperfections. Please, trust your aesthetician and do not go overboard with it -I am thinking Donald Trump here…And No -orange is NOT the new black.

5. Overly done eyebrows – We are dealing with a double blade here…over-plucked eyebrows should be left back in the ’90s. Crazy-tattooed ones or ultra bushy ones that became ‘a trend’ in the last few years are equally ghastly. Leaving them as natural as possible is the NEW IN.

6. Floor length, voluminous dresses – As every other educated style advice, long dresses suit only certain body shapes and not everyone (especially if you are on the short side). Please ladies, do show us a bit of a curve and combine it with a more fitted top to escape that ‘witchy look’.

7. Wearing the same hairstyle for years – I know a lady that has the same up-do professionally done every week with all the hairspray, hairpins, bells and whistles for the last 20 years, and believe me -regardless of the dress she wears that ‘helmet head’ definitely puts her in that specific ’60s era (not in a good way).

8. Big, chunky boots – Yes, we know they are super comfy, trendy, and look uber cool, but to look good in them (and not be associated with a duckling), you need to be above the average height (this includes longer legs). You will also need to update all the pieces you would like to incorporate into the outfit. Otherwise, you risk looking like you have borrowed them from your granddaughter without her permission.

9. Very dark lipstick -Unless your style is super edgy, wearing a very dark lippy can be really aging as it accentuates the inevitable signs of aging around our lips as they get thinner with the years.

10. Matching necklace with earrings (ring) -Please, do feel free to buy matching sets but wear them separately for a more unique look.

11. Florals -That includes everything from tops, pants, dresses, shirts, sleepwear, handbags, etc. Even if you describe your style as romantic/feminine we have to be super careful about the way we wear florals and try to choose different patterns like abstract, geometric, etc. that consist of not more than 3 colors in total, to escape the risk of looking like you are the main character in a circus act.

12. Worn-out (PU) handbags, that go with nothing in your outfit– As we often say ‘Accessories can make or break your outfit’- handbags are it. Choosing the right handbag is a whole new science as it needs to meet specific criteria like your bone structure, aesthetic, and of course your lifestyle. Even if your outfit is absolutely amazing-the shabby purse can ruin it all for you instantly and trust me -it does look cheap even from a distance.

13. Any cardigan– Cardigans are one item that can age us instantly. I always wear mine buttoned up as a jumper and this is the only way I can get away with one as they are quite shapeless. Why don’t you try a blazer or a waistcoat instead so you bring your ‘every day’ to a ‘now’?

14. Cut out denim shorts -Yes, we see -your legs are amazing (and not a single inch of cellulite visible -you lucky thing!), and yes please, show them off to give yourself the pleasure of your hard work (or good genes). However, genetics start giving up on most of us, especially around the knees, and show our age visibly(without glasses for that matter)…Wearing super short cut-outs (God forbid distressed ones) denim shorts can actually have the opposite effect of making you look younger. Play with your assets and find more elegant ways of showing us your perfect pins.

Here is a tip for you-As jeans have become a classic staple in recent years, the easiest way to update your look is to find the right pair of good quality denim that flatters your body shape. We have come a long way since the 90s when we all had those horrific marks on our bottom half from our super tight jeans. Modern jeans have elastane, are made of good quality, soft cotton, and feel like we are wearing track pants without looking too casual. We have converted multiple clients into loving their pair after 20 or so years of jean abstinence by finding out what cut looks best on them and creating multiple outfits that take them many places.

And ladies, remember-It is crucial to wear what suits us and skip the trends that are not flattering on us which inevitably leads to making us look older, and who in their right mind wants this, really?

If you are wanting a personalized styling session with Katya please, fill out the questionnaire below and we will be in touch!



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